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whatever happened to them making more Hopeless Savages?

I’m so sad this never happened!


As it happens, the wonderful Meredith McClaren is hard at work on Break, the 4th volume of Hopeless Savages; the delays since it was announced are all my fault. I had a script outlined and about 3/4 done when she agreed to do the job, but when I started looking at her style more closely, I wanted to make some changes to play to her strengths. 

Small changes became large ones, and I ultimately threw the original outline out altogether and started from scratch. I’m much happier with the finished product, but it meant MM had to wait a long time to really dig in to the art side of things.

Meredith will be at ECCC, booth#1008 this very weekend, should that be an event you are attending.

She’s also here on Tumblr: meredithmcclaren